Brand instruction #3

Let’s try to understand the identification by professionals. How does the art director look like? And the readon of it) Firstly, try to understand the meaning of identity.



SInce 1853.  Had started in San Francisco and Levi Strauss & Co. 

Character and message: passign, driven, way, take, emotions, direction.



From 1994. Mass market. Have started as a company, now the stores are opened in 60 countries.

Meaning in the context is: young, musical, aesthetic, elegant, treble clef, rhythm, sense.



From 1915. Professional sports wear. For the first time it was a basketball collection of shoes.

The famous people who were wearing these sneakers: Chuck Taylors, The Rolling Stone, Elvis Presli,

The New York Rens (Denis the Mennis, Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Cobain and The Ramones).

Meaning is: celebrity, young, positive, creative, talented.



From 1910. Created by Wanderer Company. “Horch” from Latin means “to listen”. August Horch is a first personal in making this brand.

Context is: expensive, fashion, style, connections, friendship, family, business, event, celebration.


Alan Paine

From 1907. Founded by William Paine. First name is “Paines of Godalming”. Stores in Italy, USA and UK.

Context is: classical, aristocratic, intellectual, historical, elegant.



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