Brand instruction #2

Let’s look at the brand meaning. The new set of the brand instructions for talking without the words.



From 1890.  Made by Joseph William Foster. First name was “J.W. Foster and sons”. After that brand was renamed to “Reebok” because of South African antelope “rhebok”.

Character and message: motion, levity, fluency, grace.


Calvin Klein

From 1970. The brand is named by founder Calvin Klein. He is a famous designer by ‘70s.

The special thing in this brand is creating not just a product, what you can buy and wear, it’s a movie, philosophy, the art of advertising.

Meaning in the context is: lucky, accurate, insider, gentle.



From 1933. The first idea was to call this brand “Alligator”, but after it was renamed to the surname buy the owner.

Meaning is: quality, price, green, lead, water, growth, using, direction.



From 1983. Means the luxury and elegant with you.

Context is: delicate, luxury and united.



From 1913. Mario Prada had named according to his family name.

Revolutionizing style, making the new trends and creativity.

Context is: together, agreement, yes, happiness.

Milan, Italy


The meaning:

I‘m invited to make and produce something. I’m lucky in managing and organising. I visit people who can give me a gold.

My bosses are agree with me and none doesn’t know about them. I can check anything because I have a right for it. I’m defined in my gender abilities.

 I have a beautiful family and successful career what is regarded by community.


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Alexandra Miracle

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