What is my shape?

Let’s try to understand your geometry for understanding your way for building your personal logo and your identity.

The theory of shape

We know about basic shapes: triangle, squake and circle. But what is the difference between than and how they can influence on us?

But firstly I suggest to take a psychological test for defining your personality.

Have a look at these shapes. What do you like mostly?

Simple Symbol Personality Test 

Personality Test with Shapes

Geometric Human Figure Drawing Test

I have prepaired the art collages for explaining the each of these forms.




The ended form from the both sides. Round means family, friendship, union, harmony.


Knowledge. Decisive. Leadership. Ambitious. Concentrated on the tasks.


Fast mover, interruption, loses things, dreamers, seeks stimulation, rebel,

parties, spontenious, ectivity, enjoy new people.


Alexandra Miracle

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